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Buying Kids PJs Online

Buying kids pjs online is a great idea or any kids clothing really.

Living in the bush, I am a massive fan of online shopping, I now have the same choice as my city mates and online saves you time and hassles too!

The great thing about shopping online, is that you no longer need to bundle everyone into the car and trundle off to the nearest Westfield to hunt down a pair of illusive cotton pyjamas, endure fitting room tantrums, purchasing yet another unnecessary and overprice toy and fighting through the car park. Instead you can browse at your leisure and simply choose what you like and with a click of a button, you’re done!

An added bonus of online shopping is that you have a much wider range of shops to choose from – including boutique shops that sell gorgeous, designer pyjamas – not just the stock standard stuff at discount department stores. But before you get started on surfing the net for your purchase of kids pjs online, take a read through our guide to make sure you buy the best kids pjs for your kids.


1. Take the time to measure your child. You can then compare these measurements to the retailer’s size chart and chose the most relevant size. That way you know the pyjamas are going to be the perfect fit! Some retailers might even make a size suggestion if the sizing of the pyjamas is slightly on the smaller or larger size.

2. Choose a trusted, secure retailer. Do your homework. Make sure the retailer you are buying from is a reputable one. The last thing you want is for your credit card details to be compromised! Choose a name that you know and trust and check out their Social Media Community to verify that other mums love them too.

3. Have a look at the retailer’s policies. You want to make sure that in the unlikely event that your purchase is not as you want, you are able to return it for a full refund. And what about their policy on postage? Don’t forget that the postage cost still needs to be added onto the price of the item.

4. Buy quality. You want the kids pjs to last beyond just this winter season. Make sure that you buy quality pyjamas that are well sewn and are also made from quality fabric. The best fabric for winter pyjamas is Cotton. 100% cotton in fact. It will keep your kids warm at night, but also cotton fabrics breathes and releases the heat. This means they will have a comfortable, peaceful sleep and not wake up hot and sweaty!

By using these top tips, you’re sure to purchase the perfect set of kids pjs online for your kiddos. HAPPY SHOPPING!