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Cotton Winter Pyjamas - Just Perfect

The great thing about our pj’s is that they are not made from nasty synthetic fabrics. Instead they are all lovingly made from 100% cotton. This means the cotton will breathe and not only keep your kids warm on an icy evening, but will also keep them cool and comfortable while they nod off into dreamland. Which is particularly great for boys who can wake up hot and sweaty during the night, kicking off the bed clothes and catching a chill.

Our designer winter pyjamas are not just made for comfort, they also look adorable! All prints are created in house. Ensuring they are one-of-kind and always young-at -heart. Each season we create designs that are unique, playful and fun. So that kids love popping on their sleepwear after bath time or will enjoy playing all day in their PJ's on lazy Sundays.

At Four in the Bed we make sure our sleepwear is not only beautifully sewn, but uses great quality fabrics that will last. Unlike many of our competitors - who print their stripes. We firstly dye the cotton yarn in the desired colours and then knit the stripe fabric. Which ensures the colour and fabric lasts much longer and has a much softer feel against the skin. After all, you want winter pyjamas for your kids that are cozy, comfy and ready to take on the whole winter (and even winters to come).

So if your kids are heading off for a sleepover at friends or just relaxing with the family at home this winter, make sure their wearing some of our gorgeous, warm pyjamas. Soft and comfy, they are just what they'll need when finally tucked up in bed to dream big!