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CSR Global Award Winner

Before engaging a new Supplier, I will always undertake a strict due diligence not only on their quality and delivery. but also, and more importantly to ensure they are operating a socially and environmentally reputable and responsible business. 

Afterall, I could not sleep at night if I every felt that my sleepwear wasn't being ethically produced.

So when I received an email this week from my Supplier in Agra, India advising me that they had been awarded "Best Corporate Social Responsibilities Practices" by the World CSR Congress, I just had to share the news.

Since this company first started back in 1979, Management has consistently worked towards creating best ecological and ethical garment manufacturing practices. They are SA 8000 certified (international standard for decent working conditions), OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification (garments do not contain any harmful or dangerous substances or chemcials), Fair Trade FLO-CERT (which means the cotton purchased by my supplier is grown by farmers who receive a fair price for their bales and are premium which goes towards funding projects in their local communities e.g schools, better access to water etc). 

So a huge congratulations from Four in the Bed to Deepak and all the team. I am so extremely proud to be in partnership with such wonderful company. Enjoy this award it is well deserved.