International Pillow Fight Day

Our family loves a good pillow fight. Which is why I was super excited to discover there is an actual International Pillow Fit Day!

But before you start you go into training for next year's fight on the 4th April 2017 make sure you know the Pillow Fight rules.


1. Do not talk about Pillow Fight Club. Not even to your Mum.

2. All contestants must be wearing Four in the Bed pyjamas. Inflatable sumo wrestler suits, fairy dresses, spaceman and cowboy costumes are also acceptable.

3. No blow is too low.

4. Falling off the bed is considered a forfeit. Breaking your arum as you fall off the bed is considered unlucky.

5. A two-handed grip is recommended. Unless you are holding a midnight snack or beverage in one hand.

6. If you choose to snooze, you lose. 

Good luck champ.